Monday, February 6, 2012

The First Time To The Field House

Earlier today in my Daily Photo Mini Blog for Marilyns Way To Organization For Home And Garden I announced that I was going to go to Clark to check out the Field House at the Clark High School.  I know it is in my best interest to go.  The question is why is it so hard to do the first time?   As I wrote this sentence and ended it with a quotation mark, the voice in my head is screaming "UNKNOWN!!!!"

Maybe I should check to see what the temperature is.  Well, it is 27F which is great for this time of year.  If I am going to go it needs to be NOW as it is 7:45pm and the Field House is open until 9:30pm.  I could have called today to see if these were the same hours.  Last time I called was a year ago and I wrote the times down in my planner.

What's the worst thing that could happen?  It isn't open.  So let's make this an adventure shall we?  I am leaving now and I will report back to you if my fear of unknown is ridiculous or not.  I think I already know the answer.  Be back in awhile.  Going to be light exercise tonight.

I am back!  I got there to see that the doors to the Field House were locked.  It was open to the school, just not the Field House.  I thought, "I told myself this was going to be an adventure so I began to walk the halls of my old high school until I found a janitor.  They changed the Field House hours from 5-7pm.  I just said, "Last time I called it was open till 9:30pm."  I procrastinated long enough tonight where I arrived at 8pm.  Then he said he could come and unlock it if I wanted him to.  I said, "That would be great since I came from Garden City."

The first thing I got on was the treadmill.  I told him I would probably be there around 20 minutes as it is my first time to workout on machines in awhile.  He went about his business and I went about refreshing myself with the machines I used to use when I was a member of a workout club in Dallas, Tx.

I did work up a sweat and it felt great.  Underneath the layer of fat are muscles just waiting to wake up so they can burn the fat around them.  I am looking at this as a three month project before yard work and gardening begins again.  I am hoping to rid myself of all clutter and maybe just maybe I will have time to continue at the Field House all summer.

Looks like I took the first step and I am not sure what is at the top of the stairs.  Then again, maybe I don't need to.  Will I be stiff tomorrow?  I don't know that either.  All I know is I followed through and made it to the Field House to work out.  I am looking to do it again on Wednesday and within the new hours.  I am glad I got the unknown part of this adventure over.  It is never as bad at it seems and it wasn't tonight either.
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If You Choose to Take Vitamins as Supplements, Stick to the RDA

If You Choose to Take Vitamins as Supplements, Stick to the RDA  The link I gave you is from Mayo Clinic.  How do we know if we are getting enough vitamins? Should we just play it safe and take a multi-vitamin supplement? What about the vitamins you know you are low in from getting a blood test?

I was doing very well with taking my vitamins. Then I started to feel good. What did I do? I quit taking them. It just seems like every time one turns around we are taking some form of pill whether it is a vitamin supplement or medication required by our doctor.

Another thing I was doing very well with is drinking water. I quit taking my vitamins and down went my daily consumption of water. When you take vitamin supplements, you need ample amount of water taken with them. Otherwise one just gets an upset stomach.

I am like anyone else that is recommiting oneself to taking vitamin supplements, drinking water, healthy eating, exercise, and losing unwanted weight. There are sites that help you track your foods. I haven't gotten that far to effectively use them to state my opinion. You see, I haven't had a weight problem until I began to approach menopause. This is all new to me. Sure here and there I would gain 10 lbs. It didn't take long to lose it again so there was no need to get involved with a software program. Today I am looking at 34 lbs as of January 1st. I am happy to say I have lost 4 lbs and therefore if I average losing 2 lbs each week, somewhere around the first of May 2012 I will obtain my goal.

When I got the results that my Vitamin D level and Vitamin B12 was low it got me to thinking, I bet I am low in other areas. That is why I have been tired and no motivation to exercise. I started taking my vitamins again last week. It hasn't been every day. It is like anything else. We have to create a habit.

I remembered my chiropractor gave me a container with compartments and good snap on seal. Last week I found it again and today because it is Plan and Play Day for Flylady, I have filled my case. Now that I have a good inventory of what I have and what I need, I will be able to get them on Errand Day.

When I go to purchase my vitamin supplements I need, I am going to have a consultation as to what amounts I need. This time I am writing it down. Yes, there are directions on the bottles. I think sometimes they are just guidelines. Again, this is my opinion.

So, where am I going with all of this? I am in there just like you searching for the right combo that works best without taking too much or too less. My purpose to these blogs is to share some of the things I have found with you. I have also started this for my accountability. To this date, I have 323 Days in a row of Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair, & Makeup along with Flylady routines. Now it is time to add this factor of my life on. I am scared. I don't want to lose my habits and routines I have developed with Flylady. Once again I am challenging myself to see if I can realistically continue my routines and lose weight by way of healthy eating, exercising, and drinking plenty of water.  Will I succeed?  You will just have to keep checking back here to see if I do.

Vitamin Container with Compartments To Simplify This Habit.

Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations

Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations I am so glad I found a chart for height and weight that is realistic! If you go to this link, you can enter your weight, Height, Age, and Gender. This calculation takes the age factor into consideration. I don't know about you but I know my weight is different than it was 20 years ago when I was in my 30's. Even my shape has changed now that I am 52 years old.

Four Different Charts In This Link

People's Choice Ideal Weight - This chart shows the average weight that other would describe as their Ideal Weight. It includes your age. I like that. Mine is 154lbs

Medical Recommendation - This chart gives me a 39lb window. My range would be 121lbs - 160lbs. I think when anyone looks at this chart they go for the lower number and it isn't realistic in my eyes. I have been 121lbs and I looked skeletal.

Metropolitan Life - This chart shows a 14lb window. My range would be 136lbs - 150lbs. The interesting part of this chart is that it is dated. The insurance company created it in 1979! This is 33 years ago!!!!!

Ideal Body Weight Formula - This chart tells me my weight should be 134lbs.

So why isn't the People's Choice Ideal Weight chart getting more attention?  Granted many of us are taller than generations before.  Please, don't even get me started on how the sizing of clothing has changed!  That is an entire blog all together!

Back to the question why People's Choice Ideal Weight Chart not getting the attention it deserves?  Could it be because it doesn't sell magazines?

What size suit would this be if made today and where would Marilyn Monroe's weight fall in the charts?
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do You Have Your Home Workout Station Located In The Best Place For You?

I own a Stepper Climber.  It is located in a corner in my living room behind my chair.  I have it located there so I can watch TV while I am using it to make the time go faster.

In the same corner I have a bookshelf with free weights on them.  Sounds like a good setup doesn't it?  Then how come I haven't been using the weights?  Granted I need to use my Stepper Climber more and I used to use my free weights all of the time.  That is until I put them in that corner.

Why isn't it working?  It is because it is too difficult to get to.  The idea makes sense.  Keep it by the Stepper Climber.  The problem is it is too hard to get to without twisting my back.  Or I would pull them out and they wouldn't get put back.

Recently, I blessed two wicker chairs away.  One of them was by my full length mirror and bathroom scale outside of my very small bathroom.  I put the scale in this location to remind myself to weigh every day and then record the number on my Flylady Calendar.

Then came my AHA Moment!  I had the bookcase in front of the full length mirror by my bathroom years ago.  At that time, it was all books.  Yes, it fits in that spot.  It is also in the path of letting Lily outside for her potty break.  This means I pass by this location several times a day.  So, why not associate lifting my weights while Lily is outside?

I cleaned up the bookcase and weights.  The thickness of the dust told me the last time I had accessed any of it.  It wasn't a simple feather dusting!  Got all of that done yesterday.

Today I walked by this free weight station a few times before a voice inside my head said "Baby Step!"  I just let Lily out for one of her breaks.  She spotted a squirrel and I knew then that she would be out there awhile.  No time like the present to try my idea and new location out.

It worked!  I was able to do all of my upper body exercises while Lily was outside!  Who knew?  I know I lifted weights today because I can feel my muscles wake up tonight.

What is the Lesson Learned?  Location, location, location.  Many of our tasks are really less than 15 minutes and can be broken down into parts.  The thing is that I knew both of these.  The problem is I didn't apply it to exercise until now.  Will this work?  Odds are it will.  How am I going to increase my odds?  I am going to take a Post It Note and put on my mirror to remind me whenever I let Lily outside, do a set of exercises.  Any idea will work if we implement it.  So far this month I have recorded my weight on my Flylady calendar.  Interesting how I have 15 days of this habit down.  Why not add lifting weights to the equation?  Establish one habit first.  Then add another habit.  Afterall, isn't that what Flylady teaches us?
Until Next Time,

After New Location

Before In A Corner Collecting Dust

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vitamin D Are You Getting Enough?

Last week I got a B12 shot and had my Vitamin D level checked.  Today I got the results back for Vitamin D.  It was below the normal range.  Not by much but by enough.  I am so glad I got it checked.

So how much does a person need to take a day?  Well, I went to Mayo Clinic searching for the answer.  There are as many different daily dosing usage as days of the week.  When did this get so difficult?  If you take too much you are looking at  your system to become toxic.

Just yesterday I wrote about how I want to focus on my health and looking at reducing weight.  One thing I noticed in this report was a higher dosage of Vitamin D3 for people suffering from Seasonal Defective DisorderFibromyalgia and for obese people as well.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  I am just your average 52 year old woman that finally got her health back to the level she can function.  Now it is all about maintaining.  Yes, I am heavier than I have been in a very long time.  Now I am searching for what my comfortable weight for me is at my age.  I couldn't seem to find that but I did find a way to calculate my Body Mass Index.

What did I learn?  I learned that if you suffer from Seasonal Defective Disorder, Fibromyalgia and are overweight, chances are you need a higher dosage of Vitamin D3 than the average person.  What dosage to be exact?  I still don't know.  What I do know is that I have not been taking enough and will recommit myself again.  I am tired of being tired and feeling achy.  What about you?
Until Next Time,

Are you taking the correct amount for you?

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recommit Yourself To A Walkabout In 2012

I must say it has been fun creating Walkabout The Flylady Way Closed Group and also  Walkabout The Flylady Way Page Health/Wellness.  This all started by Shining My Sink each day.  What does shining a sink got to do with a Walkabout?  It got me "Moving!"  My main focus has been on Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair & Makeup The Flylady Way.  It is very important to me to continue this journey.  I understand how doing thiese habits each and every day can benefit a person in many avenues of their life.   There is lots of indirect blessings happening that are like icing on the cake.

How Walkabout The Flylady Way came about was because of my addiction to two slices of butter and peanut butter toast each morning.  Flylady's Monthly Habit for May is "Moving In May".  You see part of Flylady is to create monthly habits to practice each day of a particular month.  By the end of the year, a flybaby can be flying high as a result of this.  I started practicing this habit in May.  Somehow it didn't become a habit.

One day, June 16th in fact I stepped on the scale and did not like what I saw.  The weather was finally getting nice in South Dakota after a very long hard winter.  If I wanted to get some weight off and focus on Health and Wellness I am going to have to move each day.  I also need to have it fun.  Most of my adult life I have walked.  My first dog Meg loved to go walking.  I knew Lily did too.  She was a bit of a handful at first.  Daschunds are very strong.  I started out with a regular collar.  She would pull me and gag at the same time.  I thought that has to be hard on her neck.  In any event we started by simply walking around the block.

I decided my walks are going to have to have a fun name.  That is why I call it "Walkabout."  Since this started, members have called everything about.  Walkabout, Bikeabout, Stepabout, Danceabout, Rockabout, Leafabout, Weedabout, Gardeningabout, Grocery ShoppingAbout, Mall Walkabouts.  You get the idea here.

I was having fun with my new camera when I got the idea to take pictures along the way.  I know I was saying we were going on walkabouts but how would anyone know?  This was such a success that other flybabies joined the group and started to do the same thing.  It was like taking a mini vacation.

Now, I am ready to step up a bit more and really focus on what types of food I put into my mouth.  I am a bit scared because I don't know how it is all going to work and keep Flying like I have been.  I started juicing again and eating salads.  It is interesting on how your tastebuds change.  I think before they had a coating of gluten, creams, etc that blanketed my taste buds and dulled them so I wanted to eat more to get satisfied.  This was the approach on a Dr. Oz show one day.  He also talked about the number of taste buds each person has is like a fingerprint.  No two are alike.

What Is My Mission For 2012 And This Blog?
Some of this I have already discussed.  One thing that so many of us are great at is making the lists of things we want to do and eat.  Where we falter is implementing them.  I have a great start to this by starting this blog, creating a Facebook Page Walkabout The Flylady Way Health/Fitness and also a closed group called Walkabout The Flylady Way .  Now, I feel it is time to take it a step further and to begin to record when I exercise and what I eat.

I already know I will stumble and fall.  I also know I have the tools and lessons from Flylady that I will be using and now I found my own motto "I Always Make Progress When I Jump Back In!"

I also have my main blog The Flylady Way.  I know there is going to be some crossover to this blog.  I am trying my best to keep it separate.

 I have been juicing for 3 days now working this into a Habit.  Last year in March is when I started taking photos of Getting Dressed To Shoes Hair and Makeup.  I published my first photo on the 10th of the month.  Well, I have 10 days of eating healthy and doing some form of exercise each day.  So why not today?  I have found an exercise partner and we will be starting to go to town to the Field House in Clark on Friday.  Today I will do some light exercises.

I also have Fibromyalgia and my body is in a flare today.  This is from changing my eating habits.  I need to increase my water intake to flush out the toxins from all the Christmas Goodies I consumed.  It is natural for a body to react this way.  It is like quitting drinking alchohol if you are used to drinking every day.  Mine has been toast.  I haven't had any for 4 days. I just have to ride this out.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?  I am afraid because I don't want to lose all of my habits and routines I have developed through Flylady.  Maybe Flylady would say that is natural to feel this way.  The best thing to do is Tell myself I am never behind and not to try to catch up.  Just jump in where you are!  Today I have established that I will go to the Field House on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I have a partner that is willing.  It is Jenna West.  I called her and asked her and she was very excited about it.

 I used to belong to gyms most of my adult life until I moved in a more rural area.  I did great working out and enjoyed it.  The flip side was I was living in chaos in my home.  So am I going to be able to do both?  This is the question I am asking myself and am sharing with you.  So, if you are interested in joining this journey with me in some form, here we go!  Enjoy the ride!
Here is my starting point.  5'7"  185 lbs  52 years old.

Today is Tuesday and light exercises are what I will be doing to wake my muscles up.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Walkabout That Almost Turned Into A Skunkabout!

My day started with plans to go to Sioux Falls to spend the night in a sleep study lab.  I got the call late morning telling me they did not have a technician available tonight.  They asked to reschedule for the coming Monday and I agreed.

My day then became very unstructured.  I just had not planned on the change.  So, I wondered outside to check on my tomatoes and pick ones beginning to ripen.  I also visited with the boys next door.  I gave them some split tomatoes to feed their chickens.

It was just so beautiful outside.  The past few days were cold and rainy.  I have been in my fibro-flare and thought I can't go on a walkabout.  I haven't gotten as much done this week as I wanted to.

Lily had been restless all day.  In fact something woke her up very early this morning where she was barking.  I believe I had about four hours of sleep in.  Then the phone rang.  Then Lily started to bark at something outside again.  By now, you get the idea that I didn't get a very restful night.

Finally, it was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon.  I just wasn't getting anywhere.  All I was having were many SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) moments.  What was it that I really wanted to do?  I wanted to go on a Walkabout!  A year ago I would have had to MAKE myself go for a walk.  Now, all I want to do is a walkabout.

I have a great walkabout partner, Lily my half miniature dachsund and half sheltie.  I put her on a training leash that I wrap around my waist and put an anti-pull harness on her.  It works great.

Last time we were out at the farm I took lots of pictures so my pace wasn't very fast.  Today I wanted to speed it up some.  We head out clipping right along.  I am still feeling distracted and decided that this was just how it was going to be and just go with it.  There is always tomorrow.

That is when I spotted a skunk out of the corner of my eye.  I wasn't distracted anymore!  There was someone that needed to be distracted fast and that was Lily!  She has already had the experience of getting sprayed by a skunk a few years back.  My neighbor was babysitting her while I went into town.  Mom and I had just finished eating when I got the call.  My neighbor told me I had better come home instead of spending the night.  Lily got skunked.  You know how they say tomato juice is supposed to take out the skunk smell?  It didn't with her!  Now she smelled like a red skunk! (tomato juice and skunk)  The only way this smell was coming off is by wearing off!  As hard as it was, I had to make her spend a few nights outside until the smell went away.

All of this is flashing back as I see the skunk.  I turned around and pulled Lily to head back.  I am so glad I saw the skunk before she did.  It may have been a repeat outcome!  She did pick up the scent of something out there.  That was also the time the skunk realized he wasn't alone so turned around and went back into the weeds.

In town, I have to worry about peoples' dogs that aren't on a leash.  At the farm, I have to worry about skunks and racoons.  As much as it scared me, the confrontation of the dog that attacked Lily earlier this year was worse.  With skunks and racoons, one would have to get very close to their dens to be threatened.  I am so glad I saw the skunk before Lily did.  She went on to try to chase birds as they get up to fly.  Now it will be me dreaming of skunks tonight and not her!   I guess I will accept that I do.  At least I won't be having to smell that smell!

Until Next Time.......
Marilyn and Lily

Close Call Today!