Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sunset Walkabout

I made myself a nice meal.  I have let it settle and now it is time for a Sunset Walkabout.  Lily doesn't know it yet.  She has been wanting to all day.  Poor thing is worn out with anticipation.

In order for myself to be accountable.  I will report back when we are done.  Who knows what kind of adventure we will have!  I am sure Lily will make me laugh at least once!

And we are off to take a Sunset Walkabout!

Drove To The Home Place For A Sunset Walkabout

Here's where we started.

Lily, go forward!

Looks like it could be fun in there!

The ears are forming nicely.

Looking back at the sunset.

My brother Tom hates weeds!

There, I pulled it out for him and it was really in there!

Moving on down the road.

Look how tall the corn is!

I am 5' 7'.  No weight number today!  I did lose 3 lbs.

Looking back to see how far we have gone.

Corn and sunset.

Bird on a wire.

We will walk to the gravel.

There, now let's turn around and go back.

Can begin to see the haze on the corn.  That is where we get the high dew points.

Must be a bird convention.

Heading back to our starting point.

There's my blazer.

Lily and I both worked up a sweat.  Lily is really panting.  Now, we head back home to some sparkling water!  Can't wait!
I hope you enjoyed this Sunset Walkabout.  Lily and I sure did.  I love the peace and quiet.  The sounds of nature come out and almost speak to you.  Now, I know why so many men like to hunt and fish.  It is peaceful out here.

Maybe these pictures will entice you to start your walkabout adventure.  Mine started with walking around the block.  Now look where we are!  Until Next Time......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Walkabouts Make Make It Easier To Fly

I am so ready for our extreme heat wave with extreme high dew points and high heat indexes to be over with!  Why?  It is affecting how I fly using Flylady Lessons  How extreme has our heat been in the midwest?  One farmer lost over 600 cattle due to heat exhaustion.  Despite fire trucks spraying water on the cattle to keep them cool.

I know all about heat exhaustion.  My first bout of it was when I was a teenager and went to Iowa to De-Tassel Corn.  They had to give me salt pills.  They say once you have experienced it, it is easier to get heat exhaustion again.

One evening Lily and I went on a short walkabout because I wanted to go so bad.  Yes, I was getting Cabin Fever due to the heat wave!  Now, I am looking at "hindsight".  You know when you get 20/20 vision?  I haven't recovered from it yet.  Prior to this walk I was feeling so great!

Am I going to give this walkabout up?  No Way!  It is just another adjustment in this journey.  What kind of adjustments will I do?  I have been thinking about this these past few days and haven't gotten any answers I am ready to share with you.

What I will share with you is when I get those daily walkabouts in I found my flylady habits and routines were going soooo much better!!  I will tell you where it has benefited me the most.  It is has been in my "PERSPECTIVE" of Flylady.

This small amount of walkabout gets the blood and oxygen mixing and it makes the brain work better.  I found that when I am doing my walkabouts I drink more water, I make better food choices, and sleep better.
this all adds up to Great Flying Days!

What goes away? Perfectionism, procrastination, whining, and stinkin thinkin.  Let's not forget our martyring ways.
I know I will find solutions once Lily and I go on a walkabout again.  And you can be sure I will write it down in my control journal.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I decided to start a blog for my Walkabout The Flylady Way adventure.  I am not sure where this journey will take me.  I know my other blog The Flylady Way has been great fun to write and share my experiences living The Flylady Way.

This blog will be more about activity and health.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1989 and now HypoThyroidism in 2010.  I have battled with weight issues my entire life.  I have gone from extremely thin to extremely heavy and all the weights in between.  Through this blog I am determined to find the weight that is comfortable for me.  I am tired of all the different sizes of clothes harboring in my home.  I have been decluttering my clothes using Flylady's Lessons.

I turn 52 this month.  One of the things that I have noticed this past year is how much my body shape is changing due to periomenopause.  I can accept this to a certain degree.  I don't want to be perfect.  That is not what this is about.  I want to know where the line is between periomenopause and to be fit.

One thing I have noticed this past year is muscle tone and strength have diminished.  How can I get this back to where I am comfortable with moving around more freely?  My right knee hurts and so does my hip.  I have found by starting my Walkabout The Flylady Way Adventure, I can endure more.  We are all familiar with the saying,  "Use It or Lose It" quote.  Well, I still got a lot of living to do despite having Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Problems.  I spent a good ten years not knowing what was wrong with me in addition to Fibromyalgia.  I finally was referred to an endocrinologist where every test imaginable was taken.  The result hypothyroidism.  I have been questioning this for the past ten years.  Apparently the standard test to check for thyroid always showed up normal and I needed additional tests.

I could stay angry and feel cheated these past ten to fifteen years.  I did want to get married and have a family.  Being sick all of the time kept me from this.  I didn't want to burden anyone.  I have had pets as my family and they have been great for me.

Just like Flylady implements "No Whining Allowed", I concur with her.  You can do anything for 15 minutes except whine.  Our life is really made up of 15 minutes of moments at a time.  There is another saying, "Fifteen Minutes of Fame."

So, why can't we do a Walkabout The Flylady Way for 15 minutes?  Even walk around a couple of blocks? Walk around in our yard?  We can!  It is like anything else, we have to create the habit to get into the routine.  If we want to go on longer Walkabouts we can.  We can even do Bikeabouts!  It is all babysteps that get us to where we want to go.  Remember we all had to crawl before we could walk, and walk before we could run.  So why not try a "Walkabout The Flylady Way?"  After a few short days, you will be amazed at how you feel and how you feel about yourself and even others.  Take a 3 Day Challenge and see what adventures are brought to your world!  Until Next Time.....
Keep Flying!

If you are interested in becoming a group member of the closed group, Walkabout The Flylady Way, please contact me.  I have a page Walkabout The Flylady Way and a closed group through Walkabout The Flylady Way

Coming Up:  My next blog will be about nutrition and how that plays into keeping us active.