Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Said Walkabouts Can't Be Fun?

Have Fun!!!!!
Since I started my adventure of walkabouts began, the most important factor I wanted was to have fun!  I wanted to be able to take my dog Lily along and be open to my surroundings.  It has been a great move because I always feel refreshed and accomplished whether it is just a bout around the block or a couple miles.

Forget About The Distance!
Yes, I know it is important for weightloss etc.  But these walkabouts are about so much more.  I know myself.  Some days I can do a 3 mile walkabout.  Other days it is just around the block.  Yet there are days that end up being a mowabout because the grass is calling me.  Weather plays a large factor too.

What Are The So Much More?
Nature that surrounds you, sunshine that creates Vitamin D, attitudes turn positive, giggling is allowed!  These walkabouts can be with your neighbors, friends, and even strangers when your walkabout is grocery shopping or going to the mall.  Smile and someone may smile back!  I know this list is endless when you think about it.  These are your walkabouts and do what you may with them.  Afterall, it is your "Walkabout!"  Have fun and forget about the distance and enjoy the benefits it brings!

Walking On Down The Road

Halfway Point We Stopped And.......

Felt Like Jumping!!!!

My Neighbor Girls That Joined Me On This Walkabout

Heading Back.  The Sky Is Gorgeous!!

Lily Started Panting Pretty Hard So I Carried Her The Last Short Bout.