Friday, September 23, 2011

The Walkabout That Almost Turned Into A Skunkabout!

My day started with plans to go to Sioux Falls to spend the night in a sleep study lab.  I got the call late morning telling me they did not have a technician available tonight.  They asked to reschedule for the coming Monday and I agreed.

My day then became very unstructured.  I just had not planned on the change.  So, I wondered outside to check on my tomatoes and pick ones beginning to ripen.  I also visited with the boys next door.  I gave them some split tomatoes to feed their chickens.

It was just so beautiful outside.  The past few days were cold and rainy.  I have been in my fibro-flare and thought I can't go on a walkabout.  I haven't gotten as much done this week as I wanted to.

Lily had been restless all day.  In fact something woke her up very early this morning where she was barking.  I believe I had about four hours of sleep in.  Then the phone rang.  Then Lily started to bark at something outside again.  By now, you get the idea that I didn't get a very restful night.

Finally, it was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon.  I just wasn't getting anywhere.  All I was having were many SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) moments.  What was it that I really wanted to do?  I wanted to go on a Walkabout!  A year ago I would have had to MAKE myself go for a walk.  Now, all I want to do is a walkabout.

I have a great walkabout partner, Lily my half miniature dachsund and half sheltie.  I put her on a training leash that I wrap around my waist and put an anti-pull harness on her.  It works great.

Last time we were out at the farm I took lots of pictures so my pace wasn't very fast.  Today I wanted to speed it up some.  We head out clipping right along.  I am still feeling distracted and decided that this was just how it was going to be and just go with it.  There is always tomorrow.

That is when I spotted a skunk out of the corner of my eye.  I wasn't distracted anymore!  There was someone that needed to be distracted fast and that was Lily!  She has already had the experience of getting sprayed by a skunk a few years back.  My neighbor was babysitting her while I went into town.  Mom and I had just finished eating when I got the call.  My neighbor told me I had better come home instead of spending the night.  Lily got skunked.  You know how they say tomato juice is supposed to take out the skunk smell?  It didn't with her!  Now she smelled like a red skunk! (tomato juice and skunk)  The only way this smell was coming off is by wearing off!  As hard as it was, I had to make her spend a few nights outside until the smell went away.

All of this is flashing back as I see the skunk.  I turned around and pulled Lily to head back.  I am so glad I saw the skunk before she did.  It may have been a repeat outcome!  She did pick up the scent of something out there.  That was also the time the skunk realized he wasn't alone so turned around and went back into the weeds.

In town, I have to worry about peoples' dogs that aren't on a leash.  At the farm, I have to worry about skunks and racoons.  As much as it scared me, the confrontation of the dog that attacked Lily earlier this year was worse.  With skunks and racoons, one would have to get very close to their dens to be threatened.  I am so glad I saw the skunk before Lily did.  She went on to try to chase birds as they get up to fly.  Now it will be me dreaming of skunks tonight and not her!   I guess I will accept that I do.  At least I won't be having to smell that smell!

Until Next Time.......
Marilyn and Lily

Close Call Today!

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