Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recommit Yourself To A Walkabout In 2012

I must say it has been fun creating Walkabout The Flylady Way Closed Group and also  Walkabout The Flylady Way Page Health/Wellness.  This all started by Shining My Sink each day.  What does shining a sink got to do with a Walkabout?  It got me "Moving!"  My main focus has been on Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair & Makeup The Flylady Way.  It is very important to me to continue this journey.  I understand how doing thiese habits each and every day can benefit a person in many avenues of their life.   There is lots of indirect blessings happening that are like icing on the cake.

How Walkabout The Flylady Way came about was because of my addiction to two slices of butter and peanut butter toast each morning.  Flylady's Monthly Habit for May is "Moving In May".  You see part of Flylady is to create monthly habits to practice each day of a particular month.  By the end of the year, a flybaby can be flying high as a result of this.  I started practicing this habit in May.  Somehow it didn't become a habit.

One day, June 16th in fact I stepped on the scale and did not like what I saw.  The weather was finally getting nice in South Dakota after a very long hard winter.  If I wanted to get some weight off and focus on Health and Wellness I am going to have to move each day.  I also need to have it fun.  Most of my adult life I have walked.  My first dog Meg loved to go walking.  I knew Lily did too.  She was a bit of a handful at first.  Daschunds are very strong.  I started out with a regular collar.  She would pull me and gag at the same time.  I thought that has to be hard on her neck.  In any event we started by simply walking around the block.

I decided my walks are going to have to have a fun name.  That is why I call it "Walkabout."  Since this started, members have called everything about.  Walkabout, Bikeabout, Stepabout, Danceabout, Rockabout, Leafabout, Weedabout, Gardeningabout, Grocery ShoppingAbout, Mall Walkabouts.  You get the idea here.

I was having fun with my new camera when I got the idea to take pictures along the way.  I know I was saying we were going on walkabouts but how would anyone know?  This was such a success that other flybabies joined the group and started to do the same thing.  It was like taking a mini vacation.

Now, I am ready to step up a bit more and really focus on what types of food I put into my mouth.  I am a bit scared because I don't know how it is all going to work and keep Flying like I have been.  I started juicing again and eating salads.  It is interesting on how your tastebuds change.  I think before they had a coating of gluten, creams, etc that blanketed my taste buds and dulled them so I wanted to eat more to get satisfied.  This was the approach on a Dr. Oz show one day.  He also talked about the number of taste buds each person has is like a fingerprint.  No two are alike.

What Is My Mission For 2012 And This Blog?
Some of this I have already discussed.  One thing that so many of us are great at is making the lists of things we want to do and eat.  Where we falter is implementing them.  I have a great start to this by starting this blog, creating a Facebook Page Walkabout The Flylady Way Health/Fitness and also a closed group called Walkabout The Flylady Way .  Now, I feel it is time to take it a step further and to begin to record when I exercise and what I eat.

I already know I will stumble and fall.  I also know I have the tools and lessons from Flylady that I will be using and now I found my own motto "I Always Make Progress When I Jump Back In!"

I also have my main blog The Flylady Way.  I know there is going to be some crossover to this blog.  I am trying my best to keep it separate.

 I have been juicing for 3 days now working this into a Habit.  Last year in March is when I started taking photos of Getting Dressed To Shoes Hair and Makeup.  I published my first photo on the 10th of the month.  Well, I have 10 days of eating healthy and doing some form of exercise each day.  So why not today?  I have found an exercise partner and we will be starting to go to town to the Field House in Clark on Friday.  Today I will do some light exercises.

I also have Fibromyalgia and my body is in a flare today.  This is from changing my eating habits.  I need to increase my water intake to flush out the toxins from all the Christmas Goodies I consumed.  It is natural for a body to react this way.  It is like quitting drinking alchohol if you are used to drinking every day.  Mine has been toast.  I haven't had any for 4 days. I just have to ride this out.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?  I am afraid because I don't want to lose all of my habits and routines I have developed through Flylady.  Maybe Flylady would say that is natural to feel this way.  The best thing to do is Tell myself I am never behind and not to try to catch up.  Just jump in where you are!  Today I have established that I will go to the Field House on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I have a partner that is willing.  It is Jenna West.  I called her and asked her and she was very excited about it.

 I used to belong to gyms most of my adult life until I moved in a more rural area.  I did great working out and enjoyed it.  The flip side was I was living in chaos in my home.  So am I going to be able to do both?  This is the question I am asking myself and am sharing with you.  So, if you are interested in joining this journey with me in some form, here we go!  Enjoy the ride!
Here is my starting point.  5'7"  185 lbs  52 years old.

Today is Tuesday and light exercises are what I will be doing to wake my muscles up.

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