Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do You Have Your Home Workout Station Located In The Best Place For You?

I own a Stepper Climber.  It is located in a corner in my living room behind my chair.  I have it located there so I can watch TV while I am using it to make the time go faster.

In the same corner I have a bookshelf with free weights on them.  Sounds like a good setup doesn't it?  Then how come I haven't been using the weights?  Granted I need to use my Stepper Climber more and I used to use my free weights all of the time.  That is until I put them in that corner.

Why isn't it working?  It is because it is too difficult to get to.  The idea makes sense.  Keep it by the Stepper Climber.  The problem is it is too hard to get to without twisting my back.  Or I would pull them out and they wouldn't get put back.

Recently, I blessed two wicker chairs away.  One of them was by my full length mirror and bathroom scale outside of my very small bathroom.  I put the scale in this location to remind myself to weigh every day and then record the number on my Flylady Calendar.

Then came my AHA Moment!  I had the bookcase in front of the full length mirror by my bathroom years ago.  At that time, it was all books.  Yes, it fits in that spot.  It is also in the path of letting Lily outside for her potty break.  This means I pass by this location several times a day.  So, why not associate lifting my weights while Lily is outside?

I cleaned up the bookcase and weights.  The thickness of the dust told me the last time I had accessed any of it.  It wasn't a simple feather dusting!  Got all of that done yesterday.

Today I walked by this free weight station a few times before a voice inside my head said "Baby Step!"  I just let Lily out for one of her breaks.  She spotted a squirrel and I knew then that she would be out there awhile.  No time like the present to try my idea and new location out.

It worked!  I was able to do all of my upper body exercises while Lily was outside!  Who knew?  I know I lifted weights today because I can feel my muscles wake up tonight.

What is the Lesson Learned?  Location, location, location.  Many of our tasks are really less than 15 minutes and can be broken down into parts.  The thing is that I knew both of these.  The problem is I didn't apply it to exercise until now.  Will this work?  Odds are it will.  How am I going to increase my odds?  I am going to take a Post It Note and put on my mirror to remind me whenever I let Lily outside, do a set of exercises.  Any idea will work if we implement it.  So far this month I have recorded my weight on my Flylady calendar.  Interesting how I have 15 days of this habit down.  Why not add lifting weights to the equation?  Establish one habit first.  Then add another habit.  Afterall, isn't that what Flylady teaches us?
Until Next Time,

After New Location

Before In A Corner Collecting Dust

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