Monday, February 6, 2012

The First Time To The Field House

Earlier today in my Daily Photo Mini Blog for Marilyns Way To Organization For Home And Garden I announced that I was going to go to Clark to check out the Field House at the Clark High School.  I know it is in my best interest to go.  The question is why is it so hard to do the first time?   As I wrote this sentence and ended it with a quotation mark, the voice in my head is screaming "UNKNOWN!!!!"

Maybe I should check to see what the temperature is.  Well, it is 27F which is great for this time of year.  If I am going to go it needs to be NOW as it is 7:45pm and the Field House is open until 9:30pm.  I could have called today to see if these were the same hours.  Last time I called was a year ago and I wrote the times down in my planner.

What's the worst thing that could happen?  It isn't open.  So let's make this an adventure shall we?  I am leaving now and I will report back to you if my fear of unknown is ridiculous or not.  I think I already know the answer.  Be back in awhile.  Going to be light exercise tonight.

I am back!  I got there to see that the doors to the Field House were locked.  It was open to the school, just not the Field House.  I thought, "I told myself this was going to be an adventure so I began to walk the halls of my old high school until I found a janitor.  They changed the Field House hours from 5-7pm.  I just said, "Last time I called it was open till 9:30pm."  I procrastinated long enough tonight where I arrived at 8pm.  Then he said he could come and unlock it if I wanted him to.  I said, "That would be great since I came from Garden City."

The first thing I got on was the treadmill.  I told him I would probably be there around 20 minutes as it is my first time to workout on machines in awhile.  He went about his business and I went about refreshing myself with the machines I used to use when I was a member of a workout club in Dallas, Tx.

I did work up a sweat and it felt great.  Underneath the layer of fat are muscles just waiting to wake up so they can burn the fat around them.  I am looking at this as a three month project before yard work and gardening begins again.  I am hoping to rid myself of all clutter and maybe just maybe I will have time to continue at the Field House all summer.

Looks like I took the first step and I am not sure what is at the top of the stairs.  Then again, maybe I don't need to.  Will I be stiff tomorrow?  I don't know that either.  All I know is I followed through and made it to the Field House to work out.  I am looking to do it again on Wednesday and within the new hours.  I am glad I got the unknown part of this adventure over.  It is never as bad at it seems and it wasn't tonight either.
Until Next Time,